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Specialist Accountant Services in Kent

For some sectors and specific circumstances, specialist insight is essential to ensure you have all your tax and financial obligations properly prepared. The team at Aggarwal & Co offer their expertise across a range of specialisms, each of which involve a close level of communication and industry knowledge to achieve the best possible results. You can read more about each of these below.

Charity Accountants

There are over 160,000 charities registered with the Charity Commission. Over 70% have less than £100,000 income, yet their accounting requirements are complex, being governed by specific accounting standards and the charity’s own constitution. We work with charities to implement the right accounting solutions to meet full legislation compliance with and to comply fully with legislation. This includes arranging independent examinations for others; whatever the requirements, our specialists can help.

Construction Industry Accountants

The competitive construction sector requires a deft touch when it comes to finances. From insurance and payroll pertaining to temporary workers, to implementing more efficient accounting procedures which will help move you forwards in this volatile environment. We will work closely with you to meet your exact needs. Legislation around CIS schemes and IR 35, in particular, is very complex, we will ensure your business navigates in accordance with the approved/relevant legislation.

Retail Industry Accountants

The retail sector is one which sees constant change; technology, buying trends, audience attention, market share, there is a lot to consider at any one time. As experienced retail accountants, we offer dedicated financial advice to help your company grow in this crowded sector. This includes making long-term plans as well as aiming for quick wins to establish and maintain a healthy financial performance.

Manufacturing Industry Accountants

UK manufacturers are not strangers to uncertainty. Planning ahead can seem like an impossible task, but with the right advice from specialist accountants, you can make strategic decisions to help maximise profits and avoid common tax pitfalls. From cash flow analysis and more, we get to know your business before implementing effective, proactive solutions.

Medical Industry Accountants

For those in the medical profession, the importance of efficient, insightful financial advice cannot be overstated. We work with medical professionals in both the public and private sector, offering dedicated guidance which hinges on a deep knowledge of the industry and its trends. We help to ensure full tax compliance, handling tax returns on your behalf, while also planning ahead to help you avoid unnecessary taxation. This includes medical consultants, surgeons, dentists, osteopaths and physios.

International Accountants

Your tax obligations become harder to understand when living or trading abroad. We offer advice on UK tax aspects of international affairs to ensure you don’t fall foul of unexpected restrictions or penalties. This will include efficient, proactive tax planning to ensure your business is tax compliant, as well as offering insightful financial advice for any assets you may have remaining in the UK.

Farmers Accountants

Farmers have difficult times due to unpredictable climate changes, and profits are often elusive.

Our specialist team can assist in preparing farming accounts and are well versed with agricultural buildings allowances.

With local branches across Kent; including Rainham, Ashford, Sheerness and Gravesend; its easy to get in touch.

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