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At Aggarwal & Co, we have a dedicated team in place ready to handle all payroll obligations for your company. Whether your company is growing and you need a more streamlined payroll management system in place, or you need a professional accounting team to handle this time-consuming task on your behalf, we can implement the right solution for you and your employees.

Using the latest technology, we streamline the entire payroll process for you including RTI and pension auto-enrolment. This includes calculating the gross pay, PAYE-NI and net pay of your employees, as well as issuing P60s at the end of each tax year. Your employees will always be paid accurately and on time.

We also offer CIS monthly submissions to the construction industry. This includes subcontractor verifications with HMRC and monthly submission of the CIS returns.

By utilising a professional payroll service, you will cut down on administration tasks and can focus more on the day-to-day management of your business. Payroll, and all the associated preparation and recurring tasks, can be left to the professionals. We work with small, medium and large businesses, arranging a payroll management service unique to the needs of each client.

If you require the services of experienced payroll accountants, contact us today. With local branches across Kent: including Rainham, Ashford, Sheerness and Gravesend; its easy to get in touch.

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